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The Speedway Hinged Compressor Lid covers the folded down Prongs in the Pan.

The Lid keeps the Prongs covered and protects against accidental opening.

No Exposed Prongs or sharp edges. No Tangled files

Professionally Preferred Speedway Hinged Compressors.

Speedway Compressors come in boxes of 100, 250 and cartons of 2,500.

  • 250 Speedway Hinged Compressor.
  • Speedway Hinged Compressor with slots in the pan are 2 3/4” CTC to accommodate the Prongs which are 2 3/4”  Prong to Prong.
  • Compressor’s Lid folds down over Prongs folded down into the Pan.
  • Compressor can be locked by pressing down on the Lid’s right side.
  • Heavy Gauge Bright Tin-Plated Steel for Superior Strength & Durability
  • Compressors Products come in specially designed boxes for ease of use and storage.

Speedway Paper File Fasteners Are The Number 1 Brand … Best In The Business.

The Speedway Compressor is made up of two parts, the sliding Lid hinged to bottom part, the Pan.

  1. The Pan has two slots 2 3/4” CTC for the Prongs to go through to fold down .
  2. Bring the Lid down & slide it to the left, locking the prongs in place.

Top lock the Speedway permanently, indent the right end of the Lid with a coin, scissors, etc.


Additional Information

Weight 2.65 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4.875 × 1.13 in


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